Tesco.com wanted to find ways of making online grocery shopping more exciting, easier and faster, by working with a crowd of consumers and developers.
A crowd project


Sector: Retail

Our brief: Where are the disruptive ideas, technologies and partners that can transform the future shopping experience?

What we did: We used a co-creation community to capture and codify 800 insights from customers about their unmet shopping needs. These insights were then shared with 150 technology developers in order to inspire them to create new services. In addition, Tesco granted access to a new experimental API that gave secure access to shopping pattern data.

What happened: The first winning innovation was a new digital signage and contactless payments solution for use during shopping trips. The crowd informed the development and launch of Tesco’s first ever API and developer portal. This is now in its 6th year and a core component of Tesco’s open innovation approach.