"There's a lot of change going on and it was really nice to see enthusiasm and motivation - I could really see the network coming together."

Community Member, Bright Sparks
A crowd project

Swinton Insurance – Bright Sparks.

Sector: Finance

Our brief: How can we unlock the ideas that exist in the business and promote a culture of innovation?

What we did: 100%Open and our partners Madano created a colleague crowd for Swinton staff called Bright Sparks. We ran three innovation challenges for new products and services for customers and new internal processes for staff.

What happened: There were 135 ideas and over 2,000 votes cast in a month, from an engaged crowd that represented many different parts of the business from retail to head office. Bright Sparks reinvigorated the way that employees communicate with each other and gave them a voice in creating new products and processes.