Shockwaves project nominated for a Disruptive Innovator Award.
Next Generation Market Research.
A crowd project

Procter & Gamble.

Sector: FMCG

Our brief: What new insights and ideas can consumers create for Shockwaves, Ariel, Febreze, Mr. Proper, Ambipur, Fairy and Flash?

What we did: We designed and ran several Consumer Co-creation Crowds in Europe and Russia to discover original insights and consumer-derived ideas.  We used a multi-brand Crowdicity platform online community, the ‘Houseproud Crowd’, to focus on cleaning and household products and a single brand crowd ‘The Style Community’, to focus on hair products. This crowd was preceded by a social media listening study in order to ‘seed’ it with existing insights for faster results. Each crowd approach proved extremely fertile based on the demographic and psychographic similarities of the respective crowds.

What happened: Procter and Gamble has sourced original ideas for new above-the-line and social media communications as well as new products, packs and claims. The company also tested and improved TV advertising copy across many markets.