A call for innovative products, services, solutions or business models.
A crowd project


Sector: Telecomms

Our brief: How can we increase audience share and loyalty by partnering with an innovative service provider?

What we did: OSCR was a call for innovative products, services or partners that could create revenues of €20m in 3 years. Attracting and keeping new customers is key in the telco market so 100%Open created the OSCR crowdsourcing programme to find, coach and develop new potential partners in travel, personal finance, style, celebrity, cars and sport.

What happened: Orange received 85 responses to the brief in 2 weeks. The 7 most promising of these were taken forward into the 100%Open Airlock process to and received development funding. OSCR resulted in the launch of a major new service called Last Second Tickets (now EE Tickets) which has been reducing customer churn and helping acquisition since 2012.