“100%Open and UsCreates did a great job in helping us deliver the HealthWorks community pilot to boost health and wellbeing within NHS workplaces.”

Sarah Bowker, NHS England
A crowd project

NHS England. HealthWorks.

Sector: Health

Our brief:

How can we make London workplaces healthier?

What we did: We set up HealthWorks, a crowdsourcing platform for all London’s 32 CCGs. In collaboration with Uscreates, 100%Open ran this as a pop-up community to research new insights and stimulate fresh ideas for increasing health and wellbeing in CCG offices and elsewhere.

What happened: In 5 short weeks HealthWorks generated 135 powerful ideas and over 500 conversations. There were almost 5,000 post views too. This was important because people were swapping their own tips and others changing their behaviours as a result of this information sharing.

9 new concepts were generated and 3 CCGs were supported to develop these into health-transforming projects.