Do Youth have the X Factor?
A jam project

News UK.

Sector: Media

Our brief: How can we encourage young people to engage with politics?

What we did: As part of the European conference Advertising Week 2015, 100%Open ran a workshop called FutureVote for News UK. With our partners The Advertising Association and The Ideas Foundation we convened a whole day with 30 16-18 year olds, designers and mentors from the creative industry workshop as part of the News UK Innovation Café series of events. The objective was to invent, co-design and prototype new methods for encouraging young people to vote or otherwise participate in the democratic process.

What happened: We mentored the young people, taught them prototyping techniques and helped them prepare for a public presentation of their ideas at the end of the workshop. David Blunkett (MP) arrived to give an inspiring talk and Q&A. Our workshop was about the experience as well as the innovations. We hope that our young delegates will benefit from working with senior industry figures and learning new techniques for innovation. And conversely that the media folk will be encouraged to hire young bright and diverse talent.