“Our participants were effusive in their enthusiasm and had a positive attitude towards the learning.”

Jon Morton, Programme Director
A think project

Diwan of Royal Court, National CEO Program.

Sector: Government

Our brief: Oman benefits from significant oil wealth but wants to grow and diversify, developing the skills of its senior leaders. We were asked to work with 35 senior Omani leaders to embed innovation tools and techniques within real national transformational projects.

What we did: We collaborated with leading business school IMD to provide the Omani leaders with practical training in design and innovation techniques using the 100%Open Innovation Toolkit. In a 9-month program, we led workshops in Lausanne, Tallinn and Muscat to co-design and coach 6 projects of national significance. We worked across themes that have strategic importance to Oman: Water, Logistics, Agriculture, Tourism, Education and Mining. The twist was that we plucked each CEO out of his or her comfort zone to work in a brand new sector.

What happened: There was a demonstrable shift in design and innovation skills across the cohort. The projects themselves have so far exceeded expectations with significant new ventures initiated in just 9 months, including a new tourism destination management organisation and a national commodities trading platform to enable food security.