“In the right circumstances the most interesting innovations can come from unlikely collaborations.”

Chris Crockford, Business Development Director, McLaren
A jam project

Mclaren & NATS.

Sector: Transport

Our brief: How can an F1 team revolutionise air traffic control?

What we did: 100%Open convened a series of innovation Jam workshops attended by diverse companies and focused on developing applications for existing technologies in new sectors. Opportunities that emerged from the workshops were assessed and analysed, the best ideas being followed up for further development and seed funding from participating enterprises.

What happened: Two of the companies taking began a major new business collaboration as a result. The UK air traffic control services company NATS has adapted McLaren’s race control computing to aid the management of aircraft on the ground. This venture into Airports-Collaborative Decision-Making software is significantly enhancing air-traffic efficiency at Heathrow, the world’s busiest airport. As well as cutting taxiway waiting time and luggage-collection delays, the collaboration is delivering an enhanced capability to rapidly assess proposed changes to airport infrastructure over a 4 year contract.