A radically different approach to fundraising.
A jam project

Marie Curie.

Sector: Charity

Our brief: How can we attract a new demographic of donor by capitalising on the growing gaming trend?

What we did: As part of the Cabinet Office Innovation in Giving Fund, 100%Open helped Marie Curie Cancer Care to create and test a new platform to gamify fund-raising. The 100%Open team coached and trained Marie Curie staff through the testing of innovative ideas for increasing giving, encouraging them to think and work in new ways, with different partners and with complex technology.

What happened: Marie Curie launched the Tickety Boo platform, a new gaming website where supporters can play a number of free and paid-for games, including raffles, bingo, prize draws and a weekly lottery. It represents a radically different approach to fundraising, where the user is incentivised by having fun and the potential return of winning prizes. Marie Curie expects the site to become self-sustaining, to surpass 100,000 users and create an interactive and intelligent supporter system.