“It really helped to break down the pitching process and I feel more confident pitching now”

Mission Participant
A jam project

Life’s a Pitch.

Our brief: The Energy Systems Catapult organised virtual trade missions to help UK clean energy innovators export to South Africa and Mexico. 100%Open was tasked with  supporting early stage start-ups to understand local market conditions and cultures, as well as to sharpen up and pitch their unique selling proposition to potential commercialisation partners or Accelerators.

What we did: 100%Open accompanied two cohorts of SMEs on a journey to develop the perfect pitch. During the pitch development part of the programme, 100%Open worked closely with SMEs to develop both their storytelling and their pitch development skills using collaborative Jam workshops featuring 100%Open’s Storyboard and Pitch Template tools. Each SME had a dedicated coach whom they worked with to identify their current pitching abilities, set learning goals for the duration of the programme and chart progress. We encouraged peer feedback and group practice to hone both content and delivery and created a bespoke storyboard for each participant company. 

What happened: SMEs saw a huge amount of progress in their pitch development skills. It was humbling and encouraging to see their confidence grow throughout the programme, and also to see the initial impact of the skills they learned, with innovators structuring their in-mission pitches in the way they had learned some weeks beforehand. The early impact assessment was very positive, with 12 NDAs signed across the 2 cohorts and  2 innovators invited to present at events. With confidence!