“100%Open helped us create a collaborative business model with far-flung and diverse stakeholders.”

Miriam Turner, AVP Co-Innovation, Interface
A think project

Interface Net-Works™.

Sector: Manufacturing

Our brief: How can Interface make our carpet supply chain more environmentally and socially sustainable?

What we did: We used a collaborative approach to business model creation in a series of global workshops to align the motivations of Interface, ZSL and local communities and deliver a more sustainable product – but at the same price as using virgin nylon.

What happened: Net-Works™ was created to benefit communities in the Philippines by collecting discarded nets that wreak havoc with the marine ecosystem and then selling them into a global supply chain giving those destructive nets a second life as beautiful and long-lasting carpet tiles.

"Our community bank was able to loan money out for things like school. My sister was one of the first to get such a loan. Never did I think this would happen because of a fishing net."

Cristina Peptio, Village Community Banking Group