We helped Carlsberg’s largest cider brand, Somersby, launch into Switzerland.
A crowd project


Sector: FMCG

Our brief: How can we efficiently launch Somersby Cider in Switzerland?

What we did: With local partners Catalyx we used a new hybrid of crowdsourcing and word-of-mouth marketing to drive awareness and trial of an international cider drink in a market where share of imported cider is 2%. Our Consumer Co-creation Crowd generated insights, ideas and active participation in the brand’s launch.

What happened: We generated a high level of interest, with 750,000 page views online and a brand awareness that was tracked at 6% even before the brand had launched. 1.5 million people (20% of the Swiss population) had heard about the brand even before it was launched and also recruited Somersby ambassadors. Above-target distribution and sales followed, all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional process.

“Launching a global brand into a proud local market is challenging, but with the help of this innovative approach we created strong consumer relevant plans & a pre-launch model that generated true organic reach & trial.”

Barbara Juhasz, Senior Marketing Manager, Carlsberg