“It was easy to work with 100%Open; they were very responsive and it felt as though we were part of their team.” - Ashley Howell, Senior Manager (New Technology), Avon
A crowd project

Beautiful innovation with Avon

Sector: FMCG

Our brief: With 130 years of pioneering innovation heritage, beauty powerhouse Avon is opening up its brand to new partnerships and approaches to innovation. In a saturated market, today’s well-informed beauty consumer is looking for innovative, high performance beauty – and they want it fast.

What we did: We partnered with Avon’s Innovation Incubator Programme to find and access innovative technologies both within cosmetics and adjacent sectors to create a shortlist of potential partners. Our Innovation Radar service identified 76 possible partners around the world – all boasting highly differentiated and novel technologies with the potential to fuel the global brand’s fast-beauty innovation pipeline.

What happened: Over a three-month period, we thoroughly researched, vetted and filtered the 76 potential innovation partners and proposed a short list of seven practical, profitable and pioneering possible collaborators that best met Avon’s brief.