Co-Lab paper.

There have been over 5000 Co-Lab tests in the 4 years from its inception in September 2013. 100%Open devised the test to aid one of the tough tests for business collaboration – the collaborators’ relationships. Each of the 5000+ respondents has hopefully learned something useful about themselves and how they collaborate in internal teams and in external collaborations.

In the 4 years of its existence the Co-Lab Styles Test has also been used to examine internal innovation teams from organisations such as Goodyear, Unilever and the MOD, in order to prepare or improve a firms performance across organisational units or prior to undertaking open innovation programmes.

We’ve marked the 4th birthday of the Co-Lab test with a paper that explains its origins and findings so far. It answers questions like: How does the Co-lab Test fit with other psychometric methods?; How are firms using the Co-Lab test?; Are there differences between different demographics like region or gender?

Download the full paper here:Co-Lab Paper.  We’d be interested in a any comments you have.

Special thanks to Keith Jeffcoat of Merz for his inspiration and advice in getting this paper together.


David Simoes-Brown, Richard Allington and Roland Harwood